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BetterLinux Announces New 0.9.6-1 Beta Release

01/29/2013 09:25

BetterLinux's latest beta release shows newly-increased ability to auto-scale individual system resource limits. It even more rapidly and accurately auto-increases limits when resources are going unused to maximize throughput.

Orem, UT (PRWEB) January 29, 2013

BetterLinux, the Linux server optimizer, has just announced a new beta release, downloadable free until at least March 1, 2013. The BetterLinux download includes BetterCPU, BetterIO, BetterMySQL, and BetterBandwidth features, which together optimize the total system.

This new release brings bug fixes to BetterCPU, an advanced throttling monitor and controller for individual cpu users and processes. This version also automates the setting of the number of system cores designed to contain limit-exceeding users and processes (known a “jail” cores). BetterCPU automatically scales the number of jail cores up or down as needed.

Users will also notice improvements to BetterIO, which brings control, order, balance, and predictability to the use of I/O resources. In addition to admin-defined, static user limits, BetterIO can “auto-scale” these limits, meaning that it determines the best limits for each device and then allows them to proportionately change in real time as efficiency requires. When admins set a global I/O utilization target (say at 80%), BetterIO uses newly improved algorithms to automatically and even more rapidly converge on that point. If, in this example, disk utilization falls below the admin-determined 80% target while some users are being throttled, the system fairly auto-increases all user limits to reach full 80% disk use. If disk utilization exceeds 80%, the system fairly auto-decreases all IO limits to hit 80% disk use. In short, auto-scaling ensures constant and stable disk utilization at an easily chosen target percentage.

Further improvements have also been made to BetterIO’s seek-balancing feature. Without BetterIO’s seek-balancing, one individual who submits uncommonly seek-intensive reads or writes can easily destroy disk I/O stability and unfairly consume far more resources than his neighbors with similar limits. But BetterIO’s newly enhanced seek-balancing feature more aggressively and smoothly scales down the limits of these over-consumers, preserving disk stability and fairness.

The above improvements show how BetterLinux optimizes shared servers without the hard-wired inefficiencies inherent in other methods of system resource control. Other methods confine users to hard resource limits, but because those limits don’t respond to system changes, admins are forced to choose between two undesirable options:

1. Waste precious system resources. (Users with hard limits don’t always use all the resources dedicated to them, and if they don’t use them, nobody does.)

2. Overcrowd servers. (Although this ensures full resource use, it creates mediocre performance and unpredictable server overloads.)

BetterLinux offers a third choice:

3. Besides preventing overloads and abuse, BetterLinux user limits auto-adjust when resources are going unused. The limits of other customers are scaled up, making unused resources available to those who can use them, enhancing overall system performance. Auto-scaling also helps identify over-sold systems and consistently over-consuming customers, leading to upsale opportunities.

With this, BetterLinux makes it clear that greater throughput for everyone is not lost in the zeal to build cages. BetterLinux CEO, Matt Heaton, reminds the industry that “Limits are important, but they aren’t the goal. We respond to the smallest system changes every moment and auto-scale resource limits to give all users more resource availability than is possible any other way.”

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