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1.0.3-1 Release Notes

07/29/2013 10:53

The 1.0.3-1 release contains the following changes:

Memory Limit Exclude for Apache and MySQL:

This version has a new cpud that will exclude any mysql or apache processes from the memory_limit restrictions parameter.

New MySQL versions:

Includes new BetterLinux versions of MySQL 5.5.32 and MySQL 5.1.69


Added more accurate accounting of processes assigned to jail cores.

Kernel version:

Latest CentOS Kernel 2.6.32-358.14.1.el6 - Includes CVE-2013-2224 kernel patch.


Jail sizing improvements.

Bandwidth Limiting:

Performance enhancements related to loading and unloading of tc rules.


Disk utilization precent evaluatoin improvements.


Changelog for BetterLinux Release 1.0.3-1



BetterLinux will remain free until September 1st. But to continue using BetterLinux after July 31st, you'll need a new license key.


• Log into your BetterLinux account.
• Click on "My Downloads"
• Click on "trial license key." (the new key will download)
• Replace the old key with the new key in etc/betterlinux. (Either move the new file there and delete the old file, or edit the old file and add the new key.)
• You must then restart BetterCPU, BetterIO, and CloakFS as follows:
service cpud restart
service iothrottled restart
service cloakfs restart

Upgrade BetterLinux 1.0.x-x by running:

yum --disableexcludes=all upgrade betterlinux\*

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