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1.0.4-1 Release Notes

09/06/2013 10:54

The 1.0.4-1 release contains the following changes:



WHM Plug-In BetterLinux Manager:

Release inlcludes, and will install on upgrade or fresh install, the BetterLinux Manager WHM plug-in for cPanel. Now you can set BetterLinux group limits via WHM for CPU, I/O, Bandwidth, Memory, time processes can run, and maximum process a user can run. Additionally, from the General tab, all BetterLinux services can be started and stopped. Please send us any feedback on this new feature.

New MySQL versions:

This release includes a BetterLinux version of MySQL 5.1.70


blstat now reads all the data from proc for a more accurate view of what's being throttled. Also made some formatting changes, added a new --help option, and the ability to start blstat with the screen of your choosing by passing the following arguments at the command line.

blstat command line options:


--help | -h                   show this usage statement

-i                               start on i/o screen (default)

-c                              start on CPU screen

-n                              start on network connection screen

-b                              start on network bandwidth screen

Kernel version:

Latest CentOS Kernel 2.6.32-358.18.1.el6


Bug fixes, performance improvements, and added an error message that tells the user cpu throttling is not supported on 2 core systems.

Bandwidth Limiting:

No changes.


Bug Fixes and a new logging feature set to ON by default called log_io_intensive_task. This will log any intensive i/o task that's not part of the BetterLinux i/o throttling rules. Now admins will find it easier to see what else may need to be added to a throttling rule. The log data can be found in /var/log/iothrottled/iothrottled.


Fri Sep  6 11:34:48 2013 INFO: I/O-intensive task 16931 (fio) uid 0 - I/O wait time 89.42%

Changelog for BetterLinux Release 1.0.4-1

Upgrade BetterLinux 1.0.x-x by running:

yum --disableexcludes=all upgrade betterlinux\*

note: this upgrade will require a system reboot to load the new kernel.


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