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Version 1.0.1-1 is finally here!

05/31/2013 18:49

BetterLinux users,

We have exciting news! Version 1.0.1-1 is finally here! Download it at We’re sorry for the delay, but we think the changes are worth the wait. To get as many people using BetterLinux as possible, it will remain free through August 1st. We already protect more than 10,000,000 domains worldwide! Thanks for the support.

Without further delay, let’s introduce a few of this version’s great new features.

CloakFS: This feature allows you to hide a set group users from other groups of users. Take a closer look at its advanced, easy-to-use benefits.

a) Completely isolates a user group’s directories and files from others. cPanel users can now hide all users from each other!

b) Completely protects a user group’s symlink from other users. No more symlink exploits to worry about. Ever.

c) Complete permission override of one user group from another, if desired. This means you never have to worry if a user sets his or her permissions to 777 or other insecure permission privileges. Now user A can't read users B's files even with 777 permissions set if you don't want them to.

d) Directly supports hiding a shared directory’s individual files. For instance, if 100 users store files on /tmp, then individual users would see only their own files, and further, would only be able to read and write their own files. Now you can allow users direct access to /var/lib/mysql, etc and not worry that they will see other users files.

e) Implemented 100% in the kernel, so you never have to upgrade individual packages such as Apache or PHP to get the symlink, cloaking, or permission protections. It just works instantly for 100% of all applications on the server. No more patches, and no more PAM modules (Ugh)!

f) And best of all, this is literally a single line entry in the conf file to turn on. Additionally, for Cpanel users this is 100% auto configured if you run the setup helper script.

cPanel Reseller support is now baked right into the product. You can set up specific BetterLinux settings per package in cPanel if you want, or choose to run the whole system with the same settings, or mix and match to your specifications.

CPU Protections for program groups: You can now protect individual groups of programs with specific CPU settings just like you could previously do for disk I/O.

100% automated cPanel setup: Previous versions of BetterLinux required some tweaking to adjust cpu and I/O settings for cPanel. You can still manually customize all settings if you prefer, but now you can just relax and let us do all the work. Within 60 seconds from running our installer, you can prevent 100% of your cPanel users from being able to see each other (CloakFS), from using too much cpu (cpud), and from using too many processes (cpud).

General improvements: Tons of bug fixes! Numerous speed and stability improvements. BetterLinux now scales to 64 cores on a single machine and will soon support up to 128 cores on a single machine. Now uses 40% fewer resources than the previous version to accomplish a LOT more.

RELEASE FREQUENCY: There has been quite a long delay in releasing this version of BetterLinux, and frankly, we blew it when it came to explaining why. We apologize for that. Let me explain why it happened and why it won't again. BetterLinux was originally purpose built for (When I was the previous owner and CEO of that company). When we released the first beta versions of BetterLinux there was no meaningful way to install/remove/upgrade the software without problems. This is why our software remained in beta. These issues have been solved. We promise now that our ducks are in a row you will see consistent updates and fixes from us. Our goal is to release updates at least once a month going forward.

EXPECTATIONS: While we are certainly biased in our opinion, the fact remains that BetterLinux will allow a density of users that no other product on the planet can provide. If you are in the hosting world, we will guarantee a 50% increase in density over CloudLinux or any other product in this space. BetterLinux is the culmination of almost 7 years of development and it shows. We are the best. Give it a try now.

NEXT UPDATE: The next major point release (1.1) will include a basic cPanel WHM module for making configuration changes (Although this is NOT necessary at all using our configuration manager). We will be showing this off at Hostingcon on June 17th at the booth.

In order to upgrade your existing 0.9.6x installation to the new 1.0.1-1 version, just issue the following commands:

$ yum clean all

$ wget

$ chmod 755 pre-1.0-upgrade-tool

$ ./pre-1.0-upgrade-tool

$ yum --disableexcludes=all upgrade betterlinux\*

Then reboot to load the new BetterLinux kernel and modules. This will auto restart the cpud, iothrottled, and cloakfs services.


If you are installing BetterLinux for the first time on a new server, please follow these instructions if using CentOS with cPanel:

1.0.x-x Installation on CentOS 6.x with cPanel

Follow these instructions if installing on stock CentOS without cPanel:

Installation for Stock CentOS 6.x


Finally, we want BetterLinux to be the best it can be. If you ever need direct help with your server(s), please don't hesitate to call or send in a ticket. We want you to be so satisfied with this product that I am willing to provide my personal cell number to get a hold of me if there is a problem that can't be resolved. Don't hesitate to call me directly. Here it is: Matt Heaton (801) 836-7666!

Thanks for sticking with us!

Matt Heaton / CEO

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