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BL Manager’s WHM plug-in for cPanel makes using BetterLinux easy. Via WHM, set and control BetterLinux group limits for CPU, Disk I/O, Bandwidth, and Memory. Also set maximums for the number of processes users can run and the amount of time they can run them.

Easy Administration

For those averse to command-line controls, BL Manager brings an intuitive user interface with a simple tab-row-column layout with input boxes and on/off switches. No instruction manual required. Start, restart, or stop any BetterLinux service with a click. BL Manager can even verify that your configuration syntax is correct before turning on services.



Use BetterLinux default settings or customize all throttling settings per cPanel package.

General Controls

For any package, choose what percentage of a CPU core each user may use, how many concurrent processes are allowed, and how much RSS memory may be used before initiating a log entry or repeating kill command. The log/kill option is also available when sshd, crond, httpd, and chroothttpd run longer than allowed

I/O Controls

BL Manager lets you apply global as well as per-package settings. You can also create separate settings for each device mount point within a package.

Global “seek balancing” enables automatic throttling of seek-heavy processes across the whole system. Global “auto scaling” makes unused I/O bandwidth available to defined users beyond their standard limits, but below a defined target disk utilization. This prevents wasted resources and gives defined users enhanced performance, all while maintaining total control.

Auto scaling also works at the per-package level, giving unused package resources to other package members beyond standard limits. Auto scaling turns every package into package+ service at no cost to providers. And by observing users of surplus I/O, you can see who may be fit for a higher package.

Easy installation

BL Manager installs automatically with version 1.0.4-1 and newer

Where to find it

You’ll see BL Manager at the bottom of the WHM menu under Plugins.

Features and Benefits
Start and stop BetterLinux services
Add custom limits for each cPanel package
Customize throttling limits for the following BetterLinux features:
  • Device I/O
  • CPU
  • Bandwidth
  • Memory
  • Maximum number of processes users can run and the amount of time they can run.
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