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BetterCPU is a highly customizable monitoring and control system for CPU and memory resources. Intelligently limit, isolate, and throttle individual users and processes.

Better Control & Stability

Guarantee fair resource access to all and prevent system crashes and congestion. Isolate limit-exceeding users and processes within one or more “jail cores” where they cannot affect other users or the total system. You determine jail and release thresholds for specific groups and individuals. When overuse ends, jailed users resume full system sharing and jail cores convert back into general use. And instead of waiting to jail certain system-slowing processes, you can kill them as they arise, including zombies, unauthorized processes, and those using too much memory.


Better Efficiency

Unused dedicated resources are automatically re-allocated to eliminate waste. Also, when limit-exceeding users are “jailed,” they are not automatically throttled. They share jail core resources, so if the jail has few members, their CPU access may increase. This protects the masses while helping, when possible, those with even higher demands. In addition, users and programs may use swap space beyond their physical RAM memory usage limits.


More users per server usually means higher risk of overuse and instability. But now you can automatically trim CPU usage peaks that exceed your set limits. Multiply your server population with control and predictability.

Profit Margins

Promising equal service to all can mean fewer users on more hardware. Hardware is expensive and fewer users per box reduces revenue. Use smart limits to redouble your density while cutting costs and raising revenue. You may also save money in reduced power consumption and diminished data center heat.

Better Monitoring

Show in real time which users and processes use the most CPU, which are exceeding limits, which admin-assigned groups they belong to, as well as each user’s total number of running programs with UID, and more. Also show detailed system core information, including how much of each “jail core” each user or process is using. You also have extensive logging options and the ability to create summaries for definable periods.

Easier System Administration

You can define all settings in one configuration file so the same file can be used on any system without changes.

Features and Benefits
Protect average users’ resources while giving extra, when possible, to high-demand users
Trim CPU usage peaks with customized thresholds for groups and individuals
Prevent crashes and congestion by “jailing” limit-exceeding users and processes
Automatically kill zombies, unauthorized processes, and memory hogs
Automatically reallocate unused dedicated resources to cut waste
Supplement set physical RAM memory limits with swap space
Multiply server density while cutting heat, power, & hardware costs; increase revenue
Monitor CPU, user, and core behavior in real time; see detailed logs and summaries
One configuration file can hold settings for multiple systems
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