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BetterLinux is shutting down effective July 1st, 2015

Introducing BetterLinux!

Get unprecedented control of your Linux servers & put resource abusers in their place.

CPU Limits
Set limits per user/process. Supports custom groups.
I/O Limits
Set disk I/O or IOPS per user/program, including groups. Support for network/virtual files systems (NFS, ISCSI, etc.). Supports all disk I/O schedulers - Yes Deadline!
Dynamic Limits
CPU and disk I/O throttling. No fixed CPU and I/O limits, unless you want them fixed. Use 100% of your resources.
Smart CPU and I/O controls, Never hassle with MySQL abusers again!
Smart Controls
Controls for Apache to manage CPU, I/O, network bandwidth, and connections
Network connection limits per Linux user per port across the entire system.
Create per-user-bandwidth limits for Linux users even if they share a single IP address. Finally!
Intelligent Monitoring! Issue commands based on rules to enforce memory limits, run time and more (lots more)!
Process Limits
Process limits per user, fork bomb protection, white-list programs from user limits totals.
Security (new!)
Prevent users from seeing each others directories and processes regardless of their permission level.
Real World Scenarios
BetterLinux in Action.

Real World Benefits of BetterLinux

Multiply user density. We commonly triple (3X) your customers per server.

Boost profits. Stop wasting CPU and disk I/O resources. Realize your full servers' potential.

Cut performance-related support requests to give admins time to actually improve the system. No more full-time firefighting.

No more MySQL problems. Can’t match users to threads? Forced to either let MySQL slow the system or disable a paying customer? Problems solved.

Has a user or process ever slowed your disk with excessive seek or I/O activity? Impossible to find? We feel your pain. Automatically scale speeds up or down with available disk I/O, or use hard preset limits.

Stable, fast systems make happy customers. Happy customers don’t cancel.
Happy customers refer friends.
Make customers happy.
Get BetterLinux!

BetterLinux is FREE
Until July 1, 2015

Beginning July 1, commercial customers will pay a mere

$9/month per server

BetterLinux will continue to be free for qualified non-profit use.

Make the first move and sign up now.

Distribution Neutral
Custom Kernel Support.

We support an ever-growing list of Linux distributions. Check back often. Don’t like pre-packaged distributions? No problem. We’ll help you build your own kernel.

Supported (Need more? Let us know.):
CentOS 6.x, RHEL 6.x,
All LTS kernels at,
including Grsecurity

Set up a Consultation

Professional Support

Ask our trained staff for help with setup/installation, configuration advice, and troubleshooting.

If you want, we’ll even help you build your own kernel.


cPanel Conference 2014

We had a great show!

Thanks to all those who stopped by our booth to check out what's new with BetterLinux. Many thanks to cPanel for putting on a fun and productive event.

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