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1.1.14 Release Notes

Release 1.1.14 includes the following changes


This is a kernel update release.


Latest CentOS kernel 2.6.32-431.29.2.el6


No changes.


Minor changes.


No changes.


No changes.


No changes.

Upgrading BetterLinux:

Run this:

    yum --disableexcludes=all upgrade betterlinux\*

Then run this to regenerate configuration files:  (Warning: This overwrites existing configuration files. Move any changes you want to keep to a custom .conf file.)

    /etc/betterlinux/cpanel/bl-cphooks --init

Then reboot your system.

Free License Extension

Your current BetterLinux license will no longer expire on October 1st. We've extended the free period through January 15th. This extension is automatic. No action is required from you. 

    • The license manager contacts our license server daily. If contact fails (no internet connection), you’ll have 14 days to connect before BetterLinux stops working. Please open default port 80 to ensure proper connection.
    • Your key will work on an unlimited number of servers.

If you have further questions, please contact Thank you for using BetterLinux.

The BetterLinux Team


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