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1.3.0-1 Release Notes

Release 1.3.0-1 includes the following changes:


This release contains critical security updates for the CentOS 6.6 kernel.  In addition there are a number of bug fixes to CPUD and IOTHROTTLED, newer versions of MySQL 5.5 and 5.6, and initial support for CPanel 11.50.  CPUD also introduces a fix where load balancing between CPU cores was not always happening.  We strongly encourage all users to update to this release.

We are also extending the trial period to June 1st, 2015.


Latest CentOS 6.6 kernel 2.6.32-504.16.2.el6.


No changes.


MySQL 5.5 updated to 5.5.43.
MySQL 5.6 updated to 5.6.24.


start/stop_throttling and guarantee_cpu syntax has changed to simplify and consolidate the options.
The new syntax works as follows for example:

start/stop_throttling -> cpu_throttling:
cpu_throttling group=cpanel in_cpu_percent=50 out_cpu_percent=40 seconds=4 type=jail

guarantee_cpu -> cpu_throttling:
cpu_throttling group=cpanel in_cpu_percent=50 type=guaranteed burst=N

burst_into_guaranteed has been replaced with burst and functions the same way, with the default being "N".  in_cpu_percent=# is equivalent to cpu_percent=#.

In the presence of all options being listed, certain options will be ignored.  For example:

Example 1:
cpu_throttling group=cpanel in_cpu_percent=50 out_cpu_percent=40 seconds=4 type=jail burst=Y

burst=Y would be ignored in this case.

Example 2:
cpu_throttling group=cpanel in_cpu_percent=50 out_cpu_percent=40 seconds=4 type=guaranteed

out_cpu_percent=40 would be ignored and burst=N would be set.  Also, seconds=# only applies to type=jail.

Additionally, seconds=# works for both the duration of time needed to get in and out of jail.

We will be removing support for the older start/stop_throttling and guaranteed_cpu syntax in favor of cpu_throttling in our next release, so we encourage you to make the necessary adjustments.


Minor bug fixes.


No changes.

Upgrading BetterLinux:

Run this:

yum --disableexcludes=all upgrade betterlinux\*

To easily convert to the new syntax for CPUD, you may run the following or resave all your configurations within our WHM addon:

/etc/betterlinux/cpanel/bl-cphooks --init

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