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cPanel version 11.36 deprecates the method BetterLinux 0.9.6.x uses to uninstall betterlinux-mysql and reinstall cpanel mysql.

Running cPanel version 11.36 and newer breaks the BetterLinux 0.9.6-1 and bl-cpanel-install script --uninstall option. Please do not attempt an uninstall using this version of cPanel as it will remove the BetterLinux version of MySQL and is unable to use cPanel to reinstall the correct version of cPanel MySQL.

A fix for this issue has been updated on the main BetterLinux repo. To get the new script, run:

yum upgrade betterlinux\*

This upgrade will install a new bl-cpanel-install and bl-mysql-install scripts.  If you have uninstalled prior to this update, you can restore mysql back to the cPanel mysql, by running this command:

/etc/betterlinux/cpanel/bl-mysql-install --restore


Also, this upgrade makes it safe to uninstall BetterLinux and restore mysql to the original cPanel version that was on the system prior to the BetterLinux install.


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