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1.1.0-1 Release Notes

The 1.1.0-1 release contains the following changes:


New MySQL versions:

This release includes BetterLinux versions of MySQL 5.1.71 and 5.5.33

Kernel version:

- Latest CentOS Kernel 2.6.32-358.18.1.el6
- kernel-devel will now be installed.Latest CentOS Kernel 2.6.32-358.18.1.el6


The reason for the jump to a 1.1.0-1 release is due to the major enhancements that have been made to cpud. These changes include the way cpud manages jail scaling and moving processes in and out of the jails. We believe these changes resolve the load spike issues reported by some of our customers. We highly recommend upgrading to this release to take adavantage of the new and improved cpud. For optimal performance please set the seconds= to argument for any start_throttling and stop_throttling parameters you have defined.

Bandwidth Limiting:

No changes.


minor changes.

Changelog for BetterLinux Release 1.1.0-1


commit 6d1003fa12bdc6e653bb107bea21d5a2a2f631f5
Author: David R.
Date: Fri Sep 20 10:38:05 2013 -0600

Expand the jail by multiple cores when jail demand does up, there is no one being added to the jail, and resources allow expansion.

commit 140187274bbb8dcb5b1331ee4d7c6f7a5d9e28e6
Author: David R.
Date: Thu Sep 19 15:34:23 2013 -0600

Make sure the jail shrinks to 0 cores when no one is being jailed.

commit a65c7ad0150e012bae204050f3939769b6e04cf0
Author: David R.
Date: Wed Sep 18 13:41:06 2013 -0600

Add more data to` "Un-throttling User" log message.

commit 370eee5104fbdd29ecdb8b32cba04954e5cec52b
Author: David R.
Date: Wed Sep 18 12:41:19 2013 -0600

Fix bug inimplementaion of out_percentage_multiplier tunable.

commit 2b67761462c89e5628bc839cb34b1e48358a4037
Author: David R.
Date: Wed Sep 18 12:35:25 2013 -0600

Add out_percentage_multiplier tunable.
It is the adjustment multiplier for estimating cpud usage of users when they are unjailed",

commit abdec2498ba292d5e0b1862da173a5f6a7f827d4
Author: David R.
Date: Wed Sep 18 10:31:04 2013 -0600

Limit the number if users that can be unjailed per cycle based on max_unjail_user_per_period
or on actual available cpu in the nonjail, whichever is reached first.

commit f343f2bee70e8d415b185f3d6f59b2d3d2915fe5
Author: David R.
Date: Tue Sep 17 10:53:35 2013 -0600

Changed default value of in_cpu_percent_adjustment from 0 to 20.
This turns throttle scaling on by default.

commit 9c76f53dc0cebbf7dba5d57cbea6b03534495c77
Author: David R.
Date: Fri Sep 13 15:30:43 2013 -0600

Add max_unjail_user_per_period tunable to control unjailing rate..
Fix error where cpud was stuck in "OUT OF RESOURCES" state.
Only unjail users when nonjail_idle > nonjail_min_idle.

commit eb93737adb69c6833b8db98d64ec48c4544cb181
Author: David R.
Date: Fri Sep 13 10:53:54 2013 -0600

Add out_cpu_percent_adjustment and scaling_out_cpu_time tunables.
out_cpu_percent_adjustment is the stop_throttling scaling adjustment (as a percentage of the scaled start_throttling value, default 70).
scaling_out_cpu_time is the stop throttling time to use when scaling (in seconds, default = 2).

commit c294bd8557cd02a3864798dfc324b06c92db8dc7
Author: David R.
Date: Thu Sep 12 15:08:15 2013 -0600

Rewrite throttle scaling code.

commit d58c921cb30defbe1c364b244672eae882b26be2
Author: David R.
Date: Wed Sep 11 14:01:26 2013 -0600

Set the nonjail_core_expansion_percentage config option to internal only.

commit 2f9644d369681e9f3d7179208d3be5acf1c4f74c
Author: David R.
Date: Wed Sep 11 10:29:24 2013 -0600

Fix logs messages that were displying incorrect values.

commit 77b0693ee289aef45039ed5d6f41f29a476e47b2
Author: David R.
Date: Tue Sep 10 15:55:09 2013 -0600

Make sure we never request more jail cores than are avialable.

commit ccb28c6f88e5898cf5bf8b0215379d08432871ab
Author: David R.
Date: Tue Sep 10 15:43:20 2013 -0600

Make sure jail_cnt is honored when reducing jail when jail has idle resources.

commit 6727b4270000eaf0e0c279cca7287acb9ced88e6
Author: David R.
Date: Tue Sep 10 14:25:31 2013 -0600

Fix roundoff error in cpu idle percentage calculation that was causing the jail to over-shrink.
Always allow at least one core in the jail, even if it violates nonjail_min_idle.
Fix error message.

commit d7242b727f4486ae47ed590f90b6237fd53750fb
Merge: 508b23b cb05d09
Author: David R.
Date: Mon Sep 9 16:31:01 2013 -0600

Merge branch 'master' of

commit 508b23b7664f0afb073786e2ef96cedfc463f01c
Author: David R.
Date: Mon Sep 9 16:29:48 2013 -0600

Rewrite of jail expansion/reduction code.


commit 50946a760c360f48e947cc7f7c0349d9208dd383

Author: Andrea R.
Date: Mon Sep 16 18:19:14 2013 +0200

add a cron script to cleanup settings in case of unexpected exits

Add a cron script to properly clean up iothrottled settings in case of
crashes or unexpected exits.

Signed-off-by: Andrea R.

commit a1280059faf06947e72a8b679a5a83ef4c639762
Author: Andrea R.
Date: Thu Sep 12 02:19:41 2013 +0200

reuse the same function from cpud to determine if a pid is a kernel thread

Signed-off-by: Andrea R.

commit 6d94ad56a1c0e74e186a6a5df6e3b4eea681ac66
Author: Andrea R.
Date: Tue Sep 10 21:09:33 2013 +0200

fix: correctly set I/O limits on non-partitioned devices

Signed-off-by: Andrea R.


commit e4af269303b4927964696ea5d07c0fd2cc3e010c

Author: Andrea R.
Date: Mon Sep 16 21:00:04 2013 +0200

add the new iothrottled cron script

Add an iothrottled cron script to properly cleanup the cgroups
configuration if the service exits unexpectedly.

Signed-off-by: Andrea R.

commit cefe3fbd63ee2a879819c15621546b1cb044bab4
Author: Jerry J.
Date: Thu Sep 12 13:45:04 2013 -0600

Remove traces of cpud and iothrottled from betterlinux-minimal.
Reported by Sean J.

Signed-off-by: Jerry J.



commit 4a7458c5d8a74b8f4a2f09ea5141a4cf5d8a9f99
Author: Jerry J
Date: Tue Sep 17 17:25:19 2013 -0600

Do NOT make betterlinux-kernel require betterlinux-kernel-devel. This
causes unresolvable dependency chains in the buildroot while trying to
build the kernel modules. The other direction (betterlinux-kernel
requires betterlinux-kernel-devel) should be okay.

Signed-off-by: Jerry J

commit 190d83d15cc3e270fac82d5a00ea74c71ae7dffe
Author: Jerry J
Date: Tue Sep 17 16:46:01 2013 -0600

Make betterlinux-kernel and betterlinux-kernel-devel require each other.

Signed-off-by: Jerry J

commit 5b71927e46fcaa93d0857c7e9986232b06b16f89
Author: Jerry J
Date: Thu Sep 12 14:57:26 2013 -0600

Port the cpuusage-v2 patch to the 2.6.32 and Debian squeeze kernels.

Signed-off-by: Jerry J

commit b4e301f62cc0e38090fb6ff8d769728f220d35f5
Author: Andrea R.
Date: Fri Sep 6 13:07:21 2013 +0200

apply patch cpuusage-v2

Fix a build bug in 32-bit architectures.

Signed-off-by: Andrea R.

commit 6e94bad49bc87c0347e674d13bcd318d83ef7057
Author: Andrea R.
Date: Fri Sep 6 00:35:51 2013 +0200

Revert "Emergency fix to the cpuusage patch"

This reverts commit 2be1a9aadcae6676db4b76de6ebbe748a90b3a93.

Signed-off-by: Andrea R.


commit 1884f42fd69d3c743f1cf241286925f50e120ecb
Author: Weldon W.
Date: Mon Sep 30 17:02:41 2013 -0600

Handle case where mysql issues deprecation warnings about
.my.cnf pass option needing to be password.
Make version correspond to supported MySQL version

commit 08d20038129ec649db394ef1e37374f0a742df08
Author: Weldon W.
Date: Mon Sep 16 11:11:33 2013 -0600

When -db option is specified, sum "owned" MySQL users' active queries
and display them in the Linux user line

commit e25e8292ddf3ecadb1ed9e3e74d69884b0d4829b
Author: Weldon W.
Date: Wed Sep 11 14:27:24 2013 -0600

Correct the online help and prompts

commit eef9105f2b20070b98b8e0ed1935e77ccc2502c0
Author: Weldon W.
Date: Mon Sep 9 15:05:25 2013 -0600

Add options --flush, --userstat, --context_switches, --cpu_and_times
and --alloff to mysqltop20

commit 58e03443a7ccbc42421322697ab76b2bb71b59e6
Author: Weldon W.
Date: Fri Sep 6 13:32:12 2013 -0600

Modify mysqltop20 to detect and report the existence of a --userstat
option in mysqld (e.g. in MariaDB).
Also add options (--on and --off) to enable/disable the mysqld --userstat option
A new --flush option to mysqltop20 will clear the user_statistics table


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