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Does BetterLinux update automatically?

By default, BetterLinux does not auto-update. Udated versions may include unexpected changes in configuration file formats, which could cause the daemons to behave unexpectedly. Before updating, please check the release notes to see if all changes are according to your desires.

To install updates by default, simply edit the /etc/yum.conf file and remove any BetterLinux mentions from the exclude line. This works whether you use BetterLinux with cPanel or not. Once you do this, you will still need to run either "yum update" or "yum upgrade" (followed by a reboot if the update involves a kernel change, which is shown when the version number changes anywhere besides the last number). To make the update automatic, use chron.

If you run "yum update" or "yum upgrade" without removing BetterLinux from the exlcude line in /etc/yum.conf, nothing will show as needing to be updated. This is to prevent those who run regular chron jobs from updating their version before reading the release notes.

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