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Features summary

BetterCPU is a highly customizable monitoring and control system for CPU and memory resources in shared server environments. You can use it to throttle individual users and process.

Control & Stability
  • Guarantee fair resource access to all
  • Prevent system crashes and congestion.
  • Isolate limit-exceeding users and processes within one or more cgroup-based “jail cores” where they cannot affect other users or the total system.
  • You determine jail and release thresholds for specific groups and individuals. When overuse ends, jailed users resume full system sharing and jail cores convert back into general use.
  • Instead of waiting to jail certain system-slowing processes, you can kill them as they arise, including zombies, unauthorized processes, and those using too much memory.
  • Unused dedicated resources are automatically re-allocated. (This is the most efficient a system is capable of)
  • Limit-exceeding users are sent to a “jail core” where they share that core's resources. In a packed jail, users are throttled. In a relatively empty one, users may be given even more resources than before they were jailed. This protects the masses while helping, when possible, those with higher demands.
  • Users and programs can use swap space beyond their physical RAM memory usage limits.
Density & Profits
  • Double (2x) your customers per server as compared to any other product.
  • More users per server no longer means higher risk of overuse and instability.
  • More customers per server means more money for you.
  • See in real time which users and processes use the most CPU
  • See which users are exceeding limits
  • See which admin-assigned groups users belong to
  • See each user’s total number of running programs with UID, and more.
  • See detailed system core information, including how much of each “jail core” each user or process is using.
  • You have extensive logging options and the ability to create summaries for definable periods.
System Administration

  • You can define all settings in one configuration file so the same file can be used on any system without changes.

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