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Features summary

BetterIO lets you control disk I/O bandwidth monopolizers for a balanced system. Some do not realize that many (and often most) of their system's performance problems are I/O-related. This will fix those problems.

  • Individual and group limits for users, programs, devices, and mount points (like NFS, iSCSI, and more).
  • Prevent I/O traffic jams and overconsumption by users' processes. Guarantee high performance for all customers.
  • Prevent I/O storms and smooth out the I/O scheduler’s workload.
  • Use either fixed limits or auto-scaled limits. (nobody else has auto-scaled limits)
  • Auto-scaling distributes
  • Users can consume below their allocated share of I/O bandwidth. At such times, auto-scaling gives these resources to others who need them. (This technology has created the world's most productive servers)
Density & Profits
  • Double (2x) your customers per server compared to any competitor's product.
  • More users on a server no longer means risking overuse and instability.
  • More customer per server = more money for you
  • Sortable columns
  • Real-time data
  • Per-user info on bytes, calls, and processes
  • See all commands and their device of origin (vda, sda, etc.).
  • Useful totals like read/write quantities in bytes, the number of read/write calls, and total throttle data with usernames and PIDs.
System Administration
  • You can define all settings in one configuration file so the same file can be used on any system without changes.

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