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KVM support

BetterLinux works well on KVMs. But to get the most from BetterLinux, you'll want to change a couple of settings first.

By default, all qemu-kvm processes run as the same user, which is not effective for limiting. This KVM setting is easily changed in libvirt, which can be made to give all processes a unique name. It looks like this in the qemu.conf file:

# If enabled, libvirt will have QEMU set its process name to
# "qemu:VM_NAME", where VM_NAME is the name of the VM. The QEMU
# process will appear as "qemu:VM_NAME" in process listings and
# other system monitoring tools. By default, QEMU does not set
# its process title, so the complete QEMU command (emulator and
# its arguments) appear in process listings.
#set_process_name = 1

Once each process has a unique name, you can create BetterLinux program groups of unique instances of qemu-kvm and allocate resources to each group as you see fit.

Live migration of KMVs also works well provided the new location is set up with compatible utilities, settings, and harware (as is the case for any migration).

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