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0.9.6-1 Release Notes


The 0.9.6-1 maintenance upgrade contains bug fixes, installation/upgrade changes, and performance enhancements to our BetterCPU, BetterIO, BetterMySQL and BetterBandwidth features. To upgrade your current BetterLinux Beta installation, please follow these steps:

Upgrade from BL version 0.9.4 and newer (cPanel and non-cPanel)

  • Download and enable your BetterLinux repos with this script:

$ wget

$ chmod 755 enable-betterlinux-repos

$ ./enable-betterlinux-repos

  • yum clean all
  • yum --disableexcludes=all upgrade betterlinux\*
  • Reboot to load the new BetterLinux kernel and modules.
  • If this is an upgrade on a cPanel server, we recommend you also run easy apache from WHM to recompile apache and php.

First Time Installation (cPanel server)

For quick installation and updates, use the pre-built package for CentOS 6.0-6.3. Packages for other popular Linux distributions are coming soon.

Basic installation instructions:

  • Go to and login to your account.
  • You will see a "My Downloads" button on the left side of the browser
  • Select the distribution of your choice, tarballs, and license file; then move them to your server. They appear as follows:

betterlinux cpanel install

betterlinux install


  • Alternatively, the tarballs can be pulled down directly to the server by right clicking on the tarballs link in the downloads area to copy the url address and then using the wget command in combination with pasting in the tarball link. See the example below and supplement your CentOS version number:



  • Unpack the tarballs.

tar –xvf betterlinux-cpanel-install-*

tar –xvf betterlinux-install-*

Unpacking the tarballs will create the directory .../betterlinux-install. Move the license.key file into the betterlinux-install directory.

  • Change directory to betterlinux-install, and start bl-install.

./bl-install license.key

  • Once the installation is complete, reboot your server.
  • cd into the betterlinux-cpanel-install directory, run the bl-cpanel-install script and answer the questions.


  • Installation and cPanel configuration are now complete.

CPU and IO throttling limits have been auto-configured and are now running on your system. If you want to make throttling limit changes, please refer to our online documentation.

See other installation options:

0.9.6 release includes:

- New and improved blstats (top like BetterLinux monitor) with stats pages for I/O, CPU, and Bandwidth:

See documentation for use here:

- I/O throttilng bug fixes and performance enhancements.

- CPU throttling bug fixes and performance enhancements.  This version also includes a new auto-jail-scaling feature that will automatically detects the number of jails to spin up and down.  If you would prefer to fix the number of jail cores, add the jail_cnt and jail_max_cnt parameters back into the /etc/betterlinux/cpud.conf.d/betterlinux-cpud.conf file.

- BetterBandwidth bug fixes.  On a new installation, running the bl-cpanel-install script will prompt the user for a bandwidth limit (this is per user) and the interface (i.e. eth0 or eth1).  Once the questions are answered, the script will continue and auto configure the BetterBandwidth feature.

- Continued support for the latest versions of MySQL.


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