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Apache 2.4 support?
In the next release!We support BetterLinux throttling functionality on Apache 2.2...
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Can I run BetterLinux inside a Proxmox VM?
You should be able to run BetterLinux inside a Proxmox VM. Proxmox is based on KVM, which our...
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Can I use mod_ruid2 with BetterLinux?
You can use mod_ruid2 while running BetterLinux. Doing so is unnecessary, however, since...
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Can I use SELinux with BetterLinux?
You can use SELinux with BetterLinux, but you may need to turn off CloakFS. SELinux should work...
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CentOS 5 not supported
BetterLinux does not support CentOS 5 because it has a dependency on the 2.6.32.x kernel and higher.
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cpu throttling not supported on 2-core servers.
BetterLinux CPU throtting requires 4-core servers. Certain other BetterLinux features will...
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Does BetterLinux run in a Xen Paravirtualized guest?
While this has not been tested internally, it has been reported to work: Install BetterLinux...
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Does BetterLinux work with PHP-FPM?
We haven’t tested using BetterLinux with PHP-FPM, but it should work with BetterLinux...
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Does BL do automatic compatibility checking at install time?
The BetterLinux installer does basic automatic compatibility checking, but it's not a full...
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KVM support
BetterLinux works well on KVMs. But to get the most from BetterLinux, you'll want to change a...
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PHP support
BetterLinux supports the version of PHP cPanel uses with EasyApache. If you want to throttle...
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Support for MariaDB?
CentOS 7 will be the first version to support MariaDB. Once it arrives, BetterLinux will support...
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Virtual machines & VPS
BetterLinux supports all hypervizor-based virtualization, including Xen, KVM, Hyper-V, VMware,...
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Which Control Panels are supported?
BetterLinux works with any control panel. Automatic integration, however, only works with cPanel...
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Support for LiteSpeed?
We support LiteSpeed in the sense that it works with BetterLinux, but it somewhat limits...
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