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BetterMySQL works with BetterCPU, BetterIO, and BetterBandwidth to identify, isolate, and throttle abusive MySQL users, processes, and threads.

Better Control

Database users often employ poorly-written MySQL statements. These resource-intensive queries unfairly allocate system resources to only a few database users at the expense of the rest. Prevent this by intelligently assigning responsibility for queries to individual Linux users instead of to the generic MySQL user, allowing for accurate, individualized throttling of over-consumers.


Better Efficiency

For the first time, dynamically reassign unused system resources. It makes sense to set aside system resources for critical processes. But when critical needs subside, such dedicated resources are wasted by static settings. Only now can you intelligently redistribute unused dedicated resources back to other processes when critical needs are absent, leaving nothing to waste.

Better Monitoring

Easily map MySQL users to Linux users. We can also incorporate functionality for rare and nonstandard platforms and directory services quickly upon request. Another convenience is that one configuration file can hold settings for multiple systems.

Features and Benefits
Map MySQL users to Linux users; all queries now tied to specific users for individualized throttling
Compatible even on nonstandard platforms/directories
Automatically reallocate unused dedicated resources to cut waste
Thoroughly monitor individual MySQL use and relevant CPU use in real time; see detailed summaries
One configuration file can hold settings for multiple systems
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