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BetterLinux CEO to Speak at cPanel Conference 2012

BetterLinux CEO, Matt Heaton, will demo his ability to control CPU, I/O, MySQL, and Bandwidth resources with fixed and autoscalable limits for users and processes. Heaton also promises full integration with cPanel by October 8, 2012.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) August 28, 2012

Matt Heaton, CEO of Better Linux, Inc., announced today he will be speaking at cPanel’s annual conference this year, which runs from October 8-10, 2012 in Houston, Texas. This will be a second public appearance for BetterLinux after its debut showing at Boston’s HostingCon in July.

Now just two months into its free public beta period, BetterLinux is quickly responding to customer feedback to refine and supplement its feature-rich system optimization tools. While Mr. Heaton is excited about the details of coming additions to BetterLinux, he wryly informs us, “You’ll just have to wait.” Not subject to wonder, however, is Mr. Heaton’s intention to make BetterLinux fully compatible with cPanel within the next couple of months. “cPanel compatibility is on its way. We will show off full integration with cPanel by the time of the conference on October 8, 2012," states Heaton.

At the conference, Mr. Heaton plans to give an overview of BetterLinux and its ability to precisely control CPU, I/O, MySQL, and Bandwidth resources with fixed and autoscalable system resource limits for individual users and processes. Not only will he show conference attendees what BetterLinux can do, but also how to do it with a refined set of highly tunable configuration options. Mr. Heaton also plans to show off a free new system monitoring tool that identifies problem areas and inefficiencies like never before.

Besides hearing the latest in Linux control from BetterLinux, you can also expect to watch a spirited ping pong rivalry. At HostingCon, Mr. Heaton offered a free brand new laptop to anyone who could defeat him. Even so, he left unconquered. Mr. Heaton promises to extend the challenge once again. He taunts, “If you can’t win in ping pong, you’re at least guaranteed to learn how to have the most efficient servers in the world—if you come to my presentation, that is.” Visit the BetterLinux cPanel booth for a product demo, and then pull out your paddle.

About BetterLinux™

BetterLinux arose from many years’ experience enhancing multi-tenant, Linux-based web hosting servers. Its kernel developers come directly from that business where they achieved unsurpassed Linux server density and efficiency.

BetterLinux now brings a new level of sophistication from an already-established team of kernel experts. It includes four innovative modules that together dramatically enhance Linux server performance. It is the most flexible, specifically configurable, and effective throttle-based control in existence.

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