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Major New BetterLinux Beta Release Announced; 2013 Pricing Revealed

New from BetterLinux: CloakFS – file system security, cPanel compatibility, and 2013 pricing at $9/mo./server.

Orem, UT (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

It’s been busy at BetterLinux. Now only two weeks since cPanel’s 2012 Conference in Houston, BetterLinux CEO, Matt Heaton, has a lot to look back on. After acquainting a large audience of conference attendees with the latest in his arsenal of Linux optimizing and control tools, he followed up with a series of announcements each worthy of its own conversation.

First and foremost, BetterLinux has released a major update with several new features including the brand new CloakFS, a file system security solution. As promised, Heaton also announced the arrival of full cPanel compatibility. Finally, those who have been patiently awaiting a BetterLinux pricing plan can expect to pay a very low $9/server per month beginning after the New Year.

On the way to Heaton’s BetterLinux presentation, an owner of a hosting company turned to another and said, “This sounds very interesting, I think we could really use this,” echoing a common sentiment in the hall. Others took diligent notes as Heaton talked of server problems all system administrators know well and then showed how BetterLinux solves them.

Here is a short summary of the latest from BetterLinux: CloakFS lets administrators hide system users from each other. Cloaking ensures users see only their own directories, files, and processes, and nobody else’s. BetterLinux has also added abundant stability, efficiency, and scalability to its CPU and I/O limits, whether fixed or auto-adjusting.

At last, you can also adjust the way the load average is calculated, a much-requested feature. And finally, the cPanel auto configuration feature auto-discovers all cPanel users and package levels to create matching BetterLinux throttling groups. It then prompts the administrator to set most BetterLinux configuration limits and options.

Addressing those who may be waiting until after the free beta period to download and try BetterLinux, Heaton says, “We may still be in beta, but this new release is solid. Why put off a good thing?”

About BetterLinux™

BetterLinux arose from many years’ experience enhancing multi-tenant, Linux-based web hosting servers. Its kernel developers come directly from that business where they achieved unsurpassed Linux server density and efficiency.

BetterLinux now brings a new level of sophistication from an already-established team of kernel experts. It includes four innovative modules that together dramatically enhance Linux server performance. It is the most flexible, specifically configurable, and effective throttle-based control in existence.

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