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BetterLinux Update Makes I/O on Linux Servers Even Smoother and Faster

With BetterIO, increase customers per server without sacrificing quality of performance.

Orem, UT (PRWEB) November 05, 2012

BetterLinux, the Linux server optimizer, has announced new improvements to its I/O controller. Hosting companies and data centers can expect a much smoother and faster I/O than possible with previous versions. BetterIO, like all BetterLinux technology, is designed to run on any Linux distribution, and the list of supported distributions continues to grow. It gives administrators the ability to precisely limit the I/O use of individual users and processes, providing many benefits.

Hosting companies, for example, know the ever-present tension between increasing the number of customers per server and the quality of server performance. With more customers, the chances increase that a group of demanding IO tasks will slow or even shut down the system. Not only can BetterIO ensure system stability and minimize downtime, but it can prevent the sluggishness some users experience because of the overuse of disk I/O bandwidth by other customers.

BetterLinux includes powerful, advanced throttling for CPU, memory, MySQL, and IP bandwidth as well, not to mention a file system security feature (CloakFS), which together offer the industry’s most complete set of control and configuration options. But no set of controls is complete without BetterIO. This is because hard disk drives are often the unseen bottleneck in Linux server performance. Many performance problems often attributed to other system components actually stem from disk I/O. By choosing per-customer limits, system administrators can gain instant confidence that no customer can slow or take down the system, leaving customers with fast, efficient, and predictable performance. Long queue lines, slow-loading pages, and timeouts for well-behaved customers can be a thing of the past. Besides the extremely useful ability to allocate disk I/O resources for each user, hosting companies and data centers will also appreciate the industry’s only auto-adjusting resource limits, known as dynamic auto-scaling, plus the unique ability to define the tradeoff between power use and performance.

By putting an end to the unpredictable balancing act between server population and system performance, BetterLinux has made it easy to get the most out of Linux servers. “This will greatly increase the number of customers per server with no decrease in performance. If you want to grow your company and increase profits, this is the way to do it,” said Matt Heaton matter-of-factly, current CEO of BetterLinux.

To hosting companies and data centers unfamiliar with BetterLinux, it is free until January 1, 2013. With BetterIO’s recent advances, now is a great time to try it out.

About BetterLinux™

BetterLinux arose from many years’ experience enhancing multi-tenant, Linux-based web hosting servers. Its kernel developers come directly from that business where they achieved unsurpassed Linux server density and efficiency.

BetterLinux now brings a new level of sophistication from an already-established team of kernel experts. It includes four innovative modules that together dramatically enhance Linux server performance. It is the most flexible, specifically configurable, and effective throttle-based control in existence.

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Matt Heaton, CEO of Better Linux, Inc. and former CEO of Bluehost

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