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1.1.0-2 Release Notes

10/14/2013 11:55

The 1.1.0-2 release contains the following changes:


This release contains a default settings change to the seconds= argument for the start_throttling and stop_throttling parameters. The default is now 2 seconds and will move offending users in and out of the jail(s) more efficiently. Here are the steps to get the upgrade and take advantage of the new default setting:
1. yum --disableexcludes=all upgrade betterlinux\*
2. For cPanel servers, you have two options:
(a) This option WILL NOT override your .conf files. Login to WHM, find the BL Manager (BetterLinux WHM Plug-In), click on the CPU tab, modify the package default and increment any overrides percentage by 1 (so if it's 50% make it 51%), then click on save. Then set them back to what they were before and click save again.
(b) This option will overwrite all your .conf files. Using the BL Manager click on the General tab, then click on the Initialize button.
3. For non-cPanel servers, just modify the configuration file and change the default for seconds= to 2 for any start_throttling or stop_throtting parameters.
4. This upgrade DOES NOT require a server reboot.

On an upgrade, this release will update to the following rpms and the rest will remain 1.1.0-1:


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