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1.1.4-1 Release Notes

01/13/2014 20:43

The 1.1.4-1 release contains the following changes:


This is exclusively a kernel release to support the new CentOS kernel.

Kernel version:

-Support for CentOS kernel 2.6.32-431.3.1.el6

Upgrading BetterLinux:

Run this:

    yum --disableexcludes=all upgrade betterlinux\*

Then reboot your system.

New License Instructions:

The current BetterLinux license expires January 15th. To continue using BetterLinux for free until March 15th (and perhaps beyond), please update your license:

NOTE:  The new key is only compatible with 1.1.3-1 or newer.

  • After logging into you BetterLinux account, click on "My Downloads"
  • Click on "trial license key." (the new key will download)
  • Replace the old key with the new key in etc/betterlinux. (Either move the new file there and delete the old file, or edit the old file and add the new key.)
  • Run: service betterlinux-licmgr restart
  • You must then restart other BetterLinux services as follows:
service cpud restart
service iothrottled restart
service cloakfs restart

New License Features:
  • The license manager contacts our license server daily. If contact fails (no internet connection), you’ll have 14 days to connect before BetterLinux stops working. Please open default port 80 to ensure proper connection. (contact if you require a different port)
  • The key expires 45 days after registering it with this command: “service betterlinux-licmgr restart”
  • If we extend the free period, your key will auto-nenew (no action needed).
  • Your key will work on an unlimited number of servers until we begin charging.

The new license file is in this format:
deadline=7776000 [Time remaining in seconds]

If your license does not match this format, or if you have other questions, please contact Thank you for using BetterLinux, and we hope you’ll continue to help us make it the most impressive Linux optimizer on the market.

The BetterLinx Team

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