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First Release of BetterLinux

07/18/2012 09:07

Founder and CEO of Better Linux, Inc., Matt Heaton, Announces the First Release of BetterLinux, a Game-changing Software Suite of Linux Enhancements

The long-awaited first release of BetterLinux was announced today at HostingCon in Boston, MA. This highly-customizable, feature-packed suite of dynamic, user-level controls for Linux servers is free until 2013.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 18, 2012

Better Linux, Inc. founder and CEO, Matt Heaton, announced today the release of BetterLinux. This suite of technologies gives hosting providers, data centers, Saas, and cloud environments total system control at the level of individual users and processes.

BetterLinux arose from Matt Heaton’s many years of experience as Founder and CEO of Bluehost and Hostmonster. “I know firsthand the problems admins deal with in hosting and like industries, and nothing fixes them better than BetterLinux. See what I mean. It’s free until 2013,” states Mr. Heaton.

Not only does BetterLinux offer the most specific user-level control to date over CPU, memory, I/O bandwidth, and IP bandwidth, but its controls are dynamic instead of static. If resources dedicated to one user or process go unused, these resources are intelligently reassigned to other users and processes. This never-before-seen advancement brings unmatched efficiency.

BetterLinux is a fully-supported, distribution neutral service that even provides support for custom Linux kernel builds. The modules responsible for the notable observed increases in server profitability, user density, stability, and efficiency are a mix of brand new and souped-up versions of the envied technology first used on’s platform.

In addition to the revolutionary, dynamic resource use of BetterLinux modules, each also increases user density while reducing heat, power consumption, and hardware needs. Here is a brief snapshot of a few module-specific features:


Protect average users’ resources while giving extra, when possible, to high-demand users. No single user, process, or admin-defined group of users or processes can use more CPU than you allow, which enables you trim CPU usage peaks. Prevent crashes and congestion by “jailing” abusers to isolated processors. Automatically kill zombies, unauthorized processes, and memory hogs. Monitor CPU, user, and core behavior in real time, and see detailed logs and summaries.


Prioritize I/O requests and smooth out the I/O scheduler’s workload with customized individual and group I/O limits for users, programs, devices, and mount points. Control seek times, I/O operations, and disk bandwidth use to stop system-monopolizing users, bottlenecks, and timeouts. Eliminate the need for low-occupancy servers. Thoroughly monitor all aspects of I/O use.


Link outgoing bandwidth to specific Linux users. Throttle the outgoing traffic of individuals and groups according to admin-determined limits without having to assign individual IP addresses. Specific users’ traffic on shared servers now originates from IP addresses you choose, not your main shared IP. Increase profits with more users, fewer support calls, and reduced need for IPV4 IP address blocks. You can monitor real-time bandwidth use on a per-user, per-application basis along with detailed info on addresses, ports, sockets, protocols, and packets. Also link inbound traffic to specific Linux users, even when directed to Apache’s “nobody” user. Then limit the number of inbound connections for groups of users on any port or give some ports more connections than others. Minimize the effect of DOS attacks and correct other less severe connection inefficiencies. See connection type, method, user/port limits and current use, configured and in-use connections, and more.


Map MySQL users and their queries to specific Linux users for accurate, individualized throttling of individual users, processes, and threads. Thoroughly monitor individual MySQL use and relevant CPU use in real time, along with detailed summaries. It is compatible even with nonstandard platforms and directories.

About BetterLinux™

BetterLinux arose from many years’ experience enhancing multi-tenant, Linux-based web hosting servers. Its kernel developers come directly from that business where they achieved unsurpassed Linux server density and efficiency. BetterLinux now brings a new level of sophistication from an already-established team of kernel experts. Together, its four innovative modules dramatically enhance Linux server performance. It is the most flexible, specifically configurable, and effective throttle-based control in existence.

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