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1.2.1-1 Release Notes

Release 1.2.1 includes the following changes:


This is a kernel update release with support for CentOS 6.6 and Cpanel 11.46 along with several bug fixes for first time installations.


Latest CentOS 6.6 kernel 2.6.32-504.el6.


No changes.


MySQL 5.5 updated to 5.5.39.  MySQL 5.6 updated to 5.6.21.


No changes.


No changes.


No changes.

Upgrading BetterLinux:

Run this:

    yum --disableexcludes=all upgrade betterlinux\*

If you are running our versions of MySQL 5.5 or 5.6, please run the aforementioned command a second time to ensure you've updated MySQL.  Changes in this release ensure that the appropriate repositories are enabled based on the version of MySQL installed.

Then reboot your system.

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