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After installation, how do I set up BetterLinux?
You can configure BetterLinux via command line or use simplified configuration options through...
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BYOK (Build Your Own Kernel) Guide
BYOK - Build Your Own Kernel============================ What's this?~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the...
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Can I install BetterLinux on a VPS?
Yes, you can use BetterLinux on a VPS. Keep in mind that it requires 4 cores. You'll also...
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Can I install BetterLinux on top of CloudLinux?
Can I install BetterLinux on top of CloudLinux? No, and here’s why: 1) CL is based on...
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Can I stop services from starting/restarting automatically?
Yes you can (except upon rebooting).The reason the services are started or restarted...
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Does BetterLinux update automatically?
By default, BetterLinux does not auto-update. Udated versions may include unexpected changes in...
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How do I download and install BetterLinux?
Go to and click on the "Get It Now" link near the top of the page. For...
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How do I uninstall BetterLinux?
For BetterLinux installation with cPanel, follow these...
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My free license says it's about to expire. True?
While in our free period, the license will automatically extend when it has 7 days left. You can...
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Should I physically separate MySQL server & web server?
Is it better to separate your MySQL server and web server to two physical machines? Separation...
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What happens when my license expires?
When your BetterLinux license expires, only BetterLinux services stop running. Your server will...
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Will BetterLinux work with Digital Ocean?
Digital Ocean is KVM-based, so yes, BetterLinux will work with it.
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